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The Last of Us LIVE was amazing. This game comes full circle, Naughty Dog is a saint of gaming. They create this beautiful game, the fans fall in love with it, then the ND team gives us a documentary and a live show with reenactments. Whaaaaaat. <3


So I wanted to do something cool to celebrate 800 followers, so I did a wallpaper style image of the new Warframe Mirage (who is still bakin in my foundry)  Hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for thinkin my stuff is worth seeing and following me, means a lot.

All in all U14 is really cool and sets the framework for even cooler stuff (the ui could be a bit smaller though).

My brother’s so boss. <3!


This marks the first and last issue of my very own slice of life comic detailing my adventures in the real world.

You know what really helps you shake off the feeling of tiredness?  BLOOD FREEZING TERROR.

godDAMN I hated this about Michigan. But at least the streets outside at night weren’t overrun by roaches, like it is here in NC. But… those centipedes… those are made of the stuff of nightmares.

eleanorappreciates asked:

Hello there!I dont know how many messages like this you get, but I wanted to ask you about how you reached a place at dreamworks :D Where and what did you study during the years? I am currently studiyng graphic design and would love to study animation after Im done, but I simply dont know which is the best choice and how expensive it will be. I would be honored if you'd like to share you story with me, I admire your work a lot! :D Best wishes, Eleanor.




We have never had art classes, so we have been self-taught up until this point. We were also going to art school, but we left 3 weeks in of the first quarter of school for the job. So we did avoid  further expenses, and at this point, a certain degree hasn’t mattered. We graduated high school in 2012, and through 2013, took a community college course in history and some basics. Nothing art related. We unfortunately did not have art classes offered in our high school of local college (to help much with portfolio material, that is.) Plus, we would be in major debt. It was either a full scholarship, or no art school at all. (Full scholarships don’t do squat these days though!)  

It’s all about what you put into your work, how well you do it,  and putting yourself out there! 

We were discouraged in our younger years because of all the cool classes and opportunities that other people our age had in order to work towards animation. There were some summer art classes, but nothing that interested us for a particular career around our very small, rural town. 

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Wise words from some hard working women. 


Now that Left Behind is out I can post some of the work I did for it. I was told we needed a shakey fortune ball for Ellie to play with in the Halloween store. The first row were the initial ideas. They liked Skeleseer. I gave him googly eyes because those are way funner than not having googly eyes. I pitched some potential messages for the fortune and then the last one is the final branding that you see on the sign and boxes in the game.

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